TeamSpeak Rules

Rules Created: Monday 3rd August 2015
Rules Updated: Sunday 23rd October 2016 

These rules are in addition to the Global Nologam Rules:
“Warning +1” = 12 Hour Ban for each offense.

TeamSpeak Rules
Rule No. Rule Action
1.1 You must move from the lobby within 60 seconds of joining the server. Kick
1.2 We recommend that you are over the age of 16 to join the TeamSpeak server.
1.3 Foul language may be allowed in moderation. Exessive usage can and will lead to a temp ban. 4 Hour Ban
1.4 Staff Decisions are final. If you are unhappy with a decision, please create a thread on the forums detailing all information.
1.5 Exessive Microphone spamming and/or Soundboard spam is not tolerated in the main Chat Room Channels. 24 Hour Ban
1.6 Under no circumstances may users use the Poke/Whisper system to contact staff. Either use the PM function or the Nologam Forums. 8 Hour Ban
1.7 Under no circumstances may anyone upload any large files to the server (100MB is the limit). File Removed and
12 Hour Ban
1.8 Constantly switching channels or disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times is not tolerated. 24 Hour Ban.