Discord Rules

By accessing the Discord server at discord.nologam.com, you agree to the following rules:
Number Rule Name Ban Length
1 No spamarino in the chatarino - (Do !spam if you don't know what I'm on about) Kick
2. Coherent sentences on ONE line! No multiple lines for corrections or "emotes" Kick
3. Use the "Edit" function! It's there for a reason. Kick
4. Mic spam is NOT tolerated. Kick
5. Posting of malware or spamming @everyone/@here/@[Role] is not tolerated Ban
6. Posting links to other Discord servers / Other sites without permission is not allowed Ban
7. Multiple Discord accounts is not allowed. All 2nd + accounts will get banned from the server. Ban
8. Do not chat in #general to communicate with people in Voice channels. Use #voicechat instead! Ban