Closing down Nologam Support

Hi folks. As part of our transition to Enigma, we are hereby closing Nologam Support.

Temporary support for remaining Nologam services can be got on Discord

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Announcing the next step…

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you are keeping well.

I have received a lot of queries recently regarding the future of the community and what is happening.
Today, I am very happy to announce the next step.

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Nologam JC2 Relaunched

I am happy to announce that the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod server is back online.

It is not the same as what it was before, so please do not expect the same quality of service as the previous instance of the server.

To reflect this, I have decided (for now) to drop the “English Only” rule.
The only main rule is that “Be nice to each other, especially staff”.

While there will be minor changes, do not expect anything groundbreaking like there was with the previous server.

If anyone that is a LUA developer wishes to volunteer to further enhance the server, I welcome you to please email and we can have a discussion.

The server address is:

Support issues can be logged at

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#NGMXMAS2016 Results

#NGMXMAS2016 Results

As a community owner, I love doing a bit of charity work which involves everyone giving money for causes however small that may be.

That is why today, I was very happy to make a donation towards the IMNDA, Special Effect and Games Aid of €47 each. It may not seem like a lot, but it is to the charities!

I want to thank everyone for their contribution this year towards the Nologam Christmas Charity Drive 2016!

We will be doing more charity events in 2017 with (hopefully) some livestreams! Stay tuned for more!

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#NGMXMAS2016 is finishing tomorrow at 12pm GMT

This is to let everyone know that the Nologam Christmas Charity Drive 2016 will be ending tomorrow at 12pm GMT (UK/Ireland time).

On behalf of everyone at Nologam and the nominated charities, I want to wish everyone a massive thank you for your support this year. This year has been the best in the 3 years that we have run the event.

We are planning to do more charity work in the new year with hopefully 12-18 hour streams for specific events and causes and we hope to make next years Christmas Charity Drive a even bigger one.

A post will go up shortly tomorrow as to how much we have raised.

Again, a massive Thank You to everyone.


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Nologam Christmas Charity Drive 2016 is LIVE

Hi everyone.

We are very happy to announce that our Christmas Charity Drive 2016 has launched and is now open for donations!

All donations will be going to 3 charities. The IMNDA, Special Effect & Games Aid!

This is open from today until Friday December 30th 2016, so please donate!

You can donate by going to our Xmas page, here: 

(Rainbow flashing warning, for non-flashing version, click here: )

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Introducing Left 4 Dead 2 & Re-Introduction of ARK

Today, we are very happy to announce that we have introduced a new 4-player Left 4 Dead 2 server provided by Nologam Game Admin: Aurora!
You can connect and start playing on the server right now at

Furthermore, I am very happy to announce the re-introduction of our ARK server! Full details of the server can be found in this thread here: - This is running "ARK: Scorched Earth - Expansion Pack" map, so that is required.

If you have any queries regarding these server, please direct them to Nologam Game Admin: Aurora or via ticket at



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Support V2 Launched

Hi everyone,

As Nologam is growing, we are attempting to simplify Nologam internally (For Staff) and externally (For members).
Our current ticketing/support system was not the best but it was good for what it did.

As we have now launched a few more departments in recent times (Battlefield, CSGO) along with JC2 and Minecraft, we feel that our current system was not going to cut it.

So today, we have launched our new Support Center. For all queries/complains/questions…It should go here.

It is the same link as before, so please go to

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Reminder: We have Rules! [Strong Language]

I don’t know why I have to keep repeating myself like a parrot, but guys:


To make it easier, we condensed the main Global Rules to a handful!
Those rules can be read here:

TeamSpeak has rules:

Minecraft has rules:

Killing Floor 2 has rules:

CSGO has rules:

I HAVE to get stricter with these rules as I am getting fucking pissed off with people bullshitting me excuses as to why “they can’t” follow the rules.

If you cannot follow or if you disagree with the rules, please leave.


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Launching Killing Floor 2

We are very happy to announce the launch of the GravityGunOnly/Nologam Killing Floor 2 Server!games_kf2_logo

It is a long 10-wave, survival server, on Normal difficulty with every map in rotation!
Map voting is also enabled!

This server is managed by Owner & N.KF2 Game Admin, @Pricetx

You can join the server by going to or searching for “” in game!

If you have any issues with the server, please use our Support system at

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