Announcing the next step…

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you are keeping well.

I have received a lot of queries recently regarding the future of the community and what is happening.
Today, I am very happy to announce the next step.


I am going to be winding down the Nologam name and replacing it with: Enigma

Development of Enigma is in full swing but I am not ready to release anything at this time.

I am  planning to release ~8 new gameservers spreading over ~4 games at launch with more afterwards.

Enigma’s home will be at – Enquiries regarding Enigma can be forwarded to me at:

Regarding JC2MP: It’s not returning.

Regarding Discord & TeamSpeak: I will be keeping the same servers, it will just see a rebrand, so those services will not be affected in any way.

Staff Positions: If you wish to become a staff member, drop me an email at with previous experience and why you would like to become a staff member and I will talk to you there.

For all other queries, please PM me (Padraig) on Discord. 


The new site isn’t working for me. Amdin fix pls. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

There is nothing on there…Just a logo and the email address.
(Also, I remember you couldn’t see the site because of your DNS…Are you using Google DNS??)

Eyyyy that’s a pretty dank new name also will you bring the tf2 server on enigma? (I would gladly moderate it)


I am planning on introducing 3 Team Fortress 2 Servers each with different gamemodes and modifications.
Specific details have not be finalised and I am not promising anything at this time.

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